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Video Resources

Take a look at our videos to get an idea of what eSolutions can do for you.

eSolutions Medicare Enterprise Package

Stop manually tracking and updating your claims in Medicare’s old, complicated system! eSolutions Medicare Enterprise package is the premier Medicare revenue cycle management tool on the market. See how your team can do in minutes what used to take hours.

eSolutions Clearinghouse

Processing claims takes time away from mission-critical tasks. Find out why thousands of providers turn to our clearinghouse to submit the cleanest claims possible, maximize revenue, accelerate payment and create efficiencies.

eSolutions Multi-Payer Eligibility Verification

What if you could find all your patients’ eligibility verification and coverage information in one spot? Learn how you can with eSolutions Multi-Payer Eligibility! You’ll also save time, reduce denials and rejections and improve cash flow.

eSolutions Quality and Compliance

Post-acute care providers know how much time and energy it takes to stay in compliance with Medicare. Learn how eSolutions Quality and Compliance products help you save time and identify opportunities to improve quality outcomes, reduce readmissions, increase referrals and increase your bottom line.

Inform Members with Healthcare Comparative Analytics

Are you ready? Today…let’s turn challenge into opportunity. It’s time to enhance provider engagement, lower your medical cost of care and empower your members. Let’s make this a success. The first step requires a deeper dive into your own data to identify trends and areas of concern. With eSolutions' comparative analytic solutions, you can. The process is much easier than you might imagine.

Payers Drive Incremental Change with Comparative Data

With Healthcare Comparative Analytics, Payers and their ACO Partners can more rapidly identify and prioritize areas of concern. Get the insights you need to reduce your medical cost of care. Your members can compare healthcare costs to make better decisions, create benchmarks, set KPI’s and compare.

Unleash the Power of Comparative Data

Get a new perspective on your data. Unleash the power of your data and uncover actionable insights with comprehensive comparative data and analytics. Compare your data, better understand your business.

Billing Companies Overcome Fierce Competition With Comparative Analytics

Revenue Cycle Management Companies face fierce competition. Customers need more guidance with billing efforts than ever before. Differentiate your revenue cycle services from your competitors with comprehensive comparative analytics.

Titan Demo

Let us show you how simple it can be to improve your revenue cycle with eSolutions’ comparative data solution, TITAN. Discover how to identify billing inefficiencies, track KPIs, and compare your business performance against your peers.

Optimizing Cash Flow with KX Modifiers

eSolutions' Alicia Wilson explains how SNF billing teams can use KX Modifiers correctly to speed up cash flow, avoid potential delays in A/R and quickly fix line item denials.

You've got 99 problems and your billing department is at least 4 of them

eSolutions’ own Caleb Watkins defines the most common problems that can occur within your billing department and how to correct them quickly resulting in increased workflow efficiency and lower business costs.

Improving your HIS Submission Process

This video briefly suggests two qualities hospice agencies should look for when trying to streamline their HIS submission process.

Benchmarking your Medicare Data

eSolutions' product expert, Lee VanMeter, describes the importance of tracking your benchmark reports and how they can affect the success of your company.

Eliminating Expenses in Your
Home Health Agency

Running a Home Health facility costs a lot of money, but there are a few ways to eliminate expenses while becoming more efficient at the same time.

Improving Intake Procedures

eSolutions' Tyler Wells explains the problems providers are having with intake procedures and how checking eligibility in real time will reduce denials and rejections.

Top Medical Billing Mistakes and
How to Fix Them

Let’s face it - billing errors happen. Even the most careful people make mistakes, and medical billing is complex business. Still, denied claims and lost revenue due to billing errors can cost your organization revenue and may even upset your patients. Here are some of the most common medical billing mistakes and how to fix them.

Using Enhanced Eligibility Verification to Identify Medicare Coverage Changes

Ryan Green from eSolutions explains how our enhanced eligibility verification tools help you avoid common pitfalls associated with changes in patients' Medicare coverage. Click here to learn more about our Enhanced Eligibility.

Using CASPER Reports to
Improve your Business

eSolutions' CASPER Reporting expert, Troy Terry, goes into detail on how eSolutions can help automate CASPER Reporting and how you can use your CASPER data to improve your 5-Star Rating and increase referrals. Click here to learn more.

How we can help with
Notices of Election (NOEs)

eSolutions' NOE expert Tyler Wells explains how our solutions can help solve the issues providers face with Notices of Election.

How we can help with
Medicare Open Enrollment

eSolutions' subject matter expert on open enrollment, Caleb Watkins, explains how our MVP Live Enhanced Eligibility tool helps identify changes in patient coverage to save you money. Click here to learn more.


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