Powerful Data Analytics and Workflow Automation for the Healthcare Industry.

Experts in healthcare billing, providing the industry's most effective solutions.



Everything you'll ever need for Medicare, from basic submission to extensive analytics.


Audits & Denials

Your go-to solution for tracking and analyzing claims through the revenue cycle.



Multi-payer claim processing, scrubbing, editing, tracking, and management.


Quality & Compliance

The easiest way to expedite your  files for OASIS, MDS, HIS, PBJ, and CASPER reporting.

You'll wonder how you ever did business without us. Find out why we're the best.

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Our Mission is to Help You Succeed.

eSolutions specializes in helping health care providers improve revenue cycle management practices. Our team members have spent years learning the intricacies of the Medicare system; it's through this knowledge that we've developed some of the industry's workflow automation and data analytics tools.



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eSolutions, Inc. is a rapidly expanding company committed to helping health care providers improve their revenue cycle. Central to our success as an industry leader are the associates who comprise our workforce and help maintain the extraordinary customer service our clients have come to expect. Learn more about our company culture, career openings and community involvement.