Expand your business, earn more and strengthen the revenue health of your clients with eSolutions. With our team by your side, you'll enhance your own revenue cycle management offerings for a distinct strategic advantage.

Trusted eSolutions Resellers

Your clients deserve access to the best claims management, workflow automation and analytics technologies available so they can get paid accurately. With eSolutions, you can deliver powerful, seamlessly integrated tools that will strengthen your clients’ revenue health. 

eSolutions’ EDIinsight® provides innovative reseller solutions that your clients need to succeed today and drive future growth — solutions that truly become indispensable to your clients’ overall financial health and business.


eSolutions empowers resellers to manage EDI in ways no one else can. EDIinsight is a fully integrated claims management solution that maximizes clean-claim rates and lessens denials. By partnering with eSolutions, you can win more and stress less by offering your clients unique, time-saving capabilities that address the market’s most critical challenges.

Powerful EDI Management Tools for Resellers
  • Eligibility

  • Claims Manager

  • Clinical Claim Scrubber

  • ERA Denial Manager

  • Workflow/Task Management

  • Patient Statements & Electronic Payment

  • Patient Cost Estimator

Provide Value While Gaining Benefits
  • Easy integration with any practice management and electronic health record system

  • Fast Set-Up

  • Flexible Customization

  • Smarter Capabilities

  • Better Service

  • More Control

We offer personalized reseller training, robust support and customized marketing materials to help you succeed at every level. Let’s find out how together we can strengthen and grow your business.

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