TITAN for Partners

Give your clients the edge with TITAN, a one-of-a-kind performance insights platform.

TITAN Medical Billing Solution

TITAN helps providers not just see moving targets, but hit them head on. TITAN seamlessly integrates real-time data into your system to deliver key performance indicators (KPIs), proactive notifications and guided analysis around financial and operational revenue cycle metrics. TITAN harnesses remittance data from an exclusive database of more than 400,000 providers to help providers identify and address factors driving claim denials, reimbursement delays and other issues impacting the bottom line.

TITAN gives 360-degree transparency so you and your clients have insights from all angles:

  • Data trending and benchmarking
  • Denial tracking and analysis
  • A/R monitoring
  • Payer analysis
  • Peer-to-Peer comparisons

TITAN is for partners who want to either help their own business or their clients:

  • Closely monitor payers

  • Accelerate reimbursement

  • Identify and monitor audit risk

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improve overall operational performance

"We use TITAN in almost every client practice assessment and revenue cycle management assessment. We like to use TITAN to evaluate the financial health of our clients and compare their performance against other organizations. This helps us show them areas where they can improve.”

Anthony Werner, Manager, Health Care - Clifton Larson Allen

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