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Chances are your hospital, health system or hospital-owned physician group is trying to do more with less. You’re focused on maintaining revenue and cutting costs while healthcare becomes increasingly consumer-driven and payments more value-based. Turn to eSolutions for tools that will reduce administrative burdens, bring in more cash and give you better control over your revenue cycle.

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Take charge of your revenue cycle

According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), 42% of the average U.S. hospital’s patients are Medicare beneficiaries. Margins on Medicare patients can be slim to none, with AHA estimating that more than 60% of hospitals lose money serving Medicare and Medicaid patients.

You don’t have to lose money when you bill Medicare. In fact, with eSolutions, you’ll get paid what you deserve on Medicare claims, quickly. Our technology connects hospitals to Medicare in real-time in a way no one else can, delivering more automated Medicare claim data and guided workflows so every dollar comes back to you. And we integrate that data into your other systems when and where you need it.

While eSolutions expertly manages your Medicare claims, our complete line of multi-payer solutions can handle your other RCM needs. Compliment your existing systems with our Multi-Payer Eligibility, Clearinghouse and Analytics products.


hospitals and health systems

On average, they see a:


reduction of problematic claims in the first 30 days


reduction of days in A/R within 6 months

Optimize reimbursement with data-driven tools

Using our solutions that streamline workflows and deliver actionable data analytics, hospitals, health systems and hospital-owned physician groups can maximize reimbursement, discover more patient coverage, prevent and manage denials, and create major efficiencies. eSolutions offers best-in-class Medicare and Multi-Payer products to boost your revenue integrity.

Medicare Enterprise

Medicare Enterprise

The solution hospitals trust for submitting, editing and managing Medicare claims. Provides the best eligibility verification, gives unparalleled real-time claim status data, and tells you when a claim needs attention.

Audit and Denial Management

Audit & Denial Management

A complete denial and appeal management solution with automated workflows that help you easily handle denials and manage audit response.

TITAN performance billing insights by eSolutions


A performance insights and comparative analytics solution hospitals use to access high-impact reimbursement areas, then make data-driven decisions.

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