Durable Medical Equipment Providers

Running a durable medical equipment organization is a complex business. While your main concern is getting patients the equipment they need, you face regulations, tight margins and billing requirements that not only complicate tasks, but also can impact profitability. Your profitability matters, and we have the integrated tools and business intelligence to boost your bottom line.

Durable Medical Equipment - walkers, wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment

Unmatched Medicare tools for faster payment

Our revenue cycle tools increase efficiencies and help DMEs master patient eligibility. DMEs turn to eSolutions for Medicare and commercial payer expertise and capabilities that allow you to solve more financial challenges.


DME organizations trust eSolutions

DMEs using eSolutions:

•Dramatically improve the patient eligibility process
•Uncover more billable coverage

Increase productivity and drive business growth

We automate and streamline the DME eligibility verification process so you can focus on getting patients the equipment they need, enhance care coordination, and reduce time to payment. Our tools are tailored to work for DMEs by simplifying manual processes, saving you time and improving cash flow.

DME Medicare Eligibility

A unique DME eligibility solution that optimizes the Medicare eligibility process to uncover more billable coverage. Includes real-time and batch same or similar checks on all HPCPS codes and determination of CMN.

Multi-Payer Eligibility

The eligibility solution DMEs count on to simplify patient eligibility. Verify all your patients’ coverage and benefits in real-time from Medicare and thousands of commercial payers.

TITAN performance billing insights by eSolutions


A performance insights and comparative analytics solution DMEs use to find cost efficiencies, monitor denials and keep up with competition. TITAN tells DMEs when and where to take action.

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