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Keystone Navigator

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A better connection to the FISS/DDE

Keystone Navigator supports a direct connection to the Fiscal Intermediary Standard System (FISS) for Direct Data Entry (DDE). It lets your providers navigate to and work with claims in all the FISS regions for which they have access. Direct Data Entry (DDE) also allows your providers to enter claims and perform editing, correction, status and beneficiary eligibility inquiries (HIQA and HIQH). Providers work with information directly from the Common Working File (CWF) and Multi-Carrier System (MCS).  Navigator can be easily integrated with your solution, making it easier than ever for your providers to maintain their existing workflow.

Keystone Navigator offers a web-based connection that gives providers rapid and secure access to:
  • Direct Data Entry (DDE)

  • Fiscal Intermediary Shared System (FISS)

  • Common Working File (CWF)

Keystone Navigator transforms the way your providers connect to the Medicare DDE system.
Features include:
  • High speed, HIPAA-compliant connection to all Medicare fiscal intermediaries

  • Ability to open multiple fiscal intermediaries at once

  • Portable access from anywhere

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