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Keystone Enhanced Medicare

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Better Medicare claims processing is here

Keystone Enhanced Medicare is the premier solution for Medicare Part A claim status, enhanced Medicare eligibility and automated Notice of Election (NOE) entry. Unlike other tools that force retrieval of claim information manually, Keystone Enhanced Medicare empowers providers with automatic claim status notification. This can easily be integrated into the vendor system workflow, completely removing the interruptions caused by switching tools. No matter what status and location a claim is in, your customer will be notified.

Keystone Enhanced Medicare also offers true eligibility integration for both single (real time) and batch (EDI or XML) requests. The Medicare eligibility verification reduces discrepancies in patient data, dramatically improving transaction accuracy rates. By utilizing our enhanced lookup, you can offer your providers access to additional data elements not offered as a part of the standard 271 eligibility response today.

If you serve providers who bill for durable medical equipment, you can also take advantage of our real time and batch DME lookup services.

Automating the entry of Notice of Election entry into the Medicare system ensures NOEs are submitted and accepted by the Medicare contractor within the timely filing rule.  The days of manually entering NOEs are in the past.  With Keystone Enhanced Medicare fully integrated within your system, your user experience will be streamlined and improved in a number of meaningful ways.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Automatic Part A claim statusing

  • True eligibility integration

  • Flexible real time and batch options

  • Reduces denied and unallowed services

  • Improves cash collections

  • Convenient batch or real time processes

  • Fewer registration errors

  • Reduces labor by automating NOE entry

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