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Keystone Clinical Exchange

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Improvement through smarter submission

Keystone Clinical Exchange is the fastest and easiest way for your providers to submit performance and assessment files to CMS. Whether they need to submit OASIS, HIS, MDS or PBJ files, we make it simple. The tool, which uses our secure HIPAA-compliant transfer process, will show your providers the status of all their files, as well as deliver validation reports upon successful submission.

Keystone Clinical Exchange can also be leveraged when responding to Medicare audits and appeals. As a certified Health Information Handler (HIH) gateway service, Keystone Clinical Exchange facilitates the electronic transmission of medical records requested by recovery auditors such as the RAC, MAC, PERM, CERT, ZPIC and SMRC. This allows for the elimination of manual processes and wasting precious staff resources. It also completely eliminates excessive overnight shipping costs. Automating the submission process reduces the risk of missing deadlines and ensures that records are received intact. This results in fewer appeals and virtually eliminates write-offs.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Electronically submit OASIS, HIS, MDS, and PBJ files

  • Supports responses for RAC, MAC, PERM, CERT, ZPIC and SMRC audits, Medicare Administrative Contractor appeals, and select service prior authorizations

  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant electronic submission of medical records

  • Easily integrated to provide an automated solution for your providers

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