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Keystone Claims Management

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Multi-payer claim submission and statusing made simple

Keystone Claims Management is a comprehensive solution that provides one-stop claim submission and report retrieval for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare claims. When your providers submit files to their payers, they’ll receive automated acknowledgment notifications, so they’ll know the exact status of every claim they have submitted.

On the management side, Keystone Claims Management features end-to-end summary and detailed claim status reporting. This ensures automated retrieval of electronic remittance advice, so your providers know what’s happening with their claims at all times.

The claim tracking features ensure the most up-to-date claim information for all payers. Our data integration capabilities mean your providers can manage their workflow, as well as all exceptions.

Key Features and Benefits
  • One-stop claims submission for commercial, Medicaid and Medicare.

  • Automated acknowledgment notification

  • Automated electronic remittance advice retrieval

  • Claim status tracking

  • A single interface to manage exceptions and workflow

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