Healthcare providers face constant new challenges and moving targets. To remain financially healthy, providers must be ultra-focused on reducing expenses, optimizing revenue, managing costs and providing quality care all while managing the demands of new-era payment models.

TITAN Medical Billing Solution

eSolutions TITAN helps providers not just see moving targets, but hit them head on. TITAN provides performance insights and comparative analytics to all types of healthcare organizations to help them make data-driven decisions. TITAN harnesses remittance data from an exclusive database of more than 400,000 providers.

With TITAN, providers can access high-impact areas:

  • Cash flow
  • Payer processing time
  • Staff productivity
  • Unexpected denial rates
  • Reason code analysis
  • Procedure code utilization

TITAN is for providers who want to

  • Identify and address factors driving claim denials

  • Compare performance to peers by specialty, state, regionally or nationally

  • Receive automated insights to drive initiatives

  • Access individual remittance data from a single source

  • Increase productivity and cash recovery

“With TITAN, I can see unexpected denials – as I define them. TITAN enables me to drill down by payer to get more details and identify root causes of denials. I’m most interested in seeing if payment denials are trending up or down. We’re able to pinpoint problems using TITAN. We couldn’t do that before, and we ended up writing off many of our claim denials.”

Kim Marie Ek, Controller - Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii

TITAN for Partners

TITAN seamlessly integrates into your system to deliver metrics, proactive notifications and guided analysis around revenue cycle metrics. […]

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