Review Choice Demonstration

Home health agencies face many complex Medicare regulations and requirements. eSolutions helps home health providers take control with the Review Choice Demonstration tool.

From submitting all required documents to tracking each claim in real-time, eSolutions’ RCD tool has the features you need to ensure compliance, receive successful reimbursement and keep your cash flow positive.

The Review Choice Demonstration tool is for home health providers who want to

  • Quickly and easily submit required pre-claim documents and final claims through a secure, HIPAA-compliant gateway

  • Stay on top of review requests with detailed reporting, tracking, status updates and automated response delivery

  • Use specialized automated workflows for pre-claim review

  • Eliminate the potential for payment delays or penalties for missing documents

For providers who don’t choose the Review Choice Demonstration’s pre-claim review option, eSolutions also helps you tackle post-payment reviews with eSolutions’ Audit and Denial Management. Post-payment reviews will take the form of ADRs. eSolutions manages your entire ADR process and keeps tabs on ADRs nearing the 45-day deadline.

Prevent reduction in payment with our Review Choice Demonstration solution!


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