Stop writing off claims and losing revenue. Use Recover to help locate active, billable insurance for self-pay claims.

It’s time to recover the revenue your healthcare organization deserves. Instead of writing off claims and forfeiting revenue, providers deploy eSolutions’ Recover to locate active, billable insurance for self pay claims. Our batch verification process makes it easy to automatically check multiple patients across virtually all payers. In fact, health centers using Recover can expect to convert 3% of self-pay patients to insured.

We have helped our clients reclaim millions of dollars from insurance companies. By leveraging recover, our clients have experienced amazing results:

Recover Delivers:

  • Easy batch verification for multiple patients across virtually all payers via a fully automated and completely secure process
  • Integration with your existing software and systems
  • Comprehensive no cost, live training and support
  • Total HIPAA/HITECH data security compliance

Providers are recouping revenue they wouldn’t have discovered without Recover. Our team of revenue cycle management experts will help you calculate your revenue recovery potential today!

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