eSolutions’ Pharmacy Insurance Discovery™

Stop writing off pharmacy claims and start collecting what you deserve. Use eSolutions’ Pharmacy Insurance Discovery™ to locate pharmacy coverage for claims that have gone unpaid.

eSolutions’ Pharmacy Insurance Discovery™ tool makes finding reimbursement on self-pay pharmacy accounts easy. Our intelligent technology discovers previously unidentified Medicaid, Medicare and commercial claims eligibility. This could translate into serious dollars your hospital may have otherwise uncollected or written off.

Using Pharmacy Insurance discovery is simple. Our tool searches for Medicare Part D and Medicaid eligibility and once accounts are identified, we submit the claims for you. Our team helps you set up an automated, secure, HIPAA-compliant file transfer to transmit your claim files.  We route the files accordingly for processing and adjudication within 48-hours (but typically within the first 24 hours).

Pharmacy Insurance Discovery is an invaluable tool for Safety-Net Facilities. If your pharmacy dispenses drugs at time of service irrespective of patient payment, the ability to find Medicare Part D or Medicaid coverage later becomes difficult.

eSolutions’ Pharmacy Insurance Discovery™ tool’s results could be as substantial for your organization as it was for a large Midwestern Safety-Net Hospital.

Using eSolutions, this hospital:

Discovered 19%
of the individual claims were eligible for Medicaid

of these claims were successfully reimbursed through our service

recovered after a single-year review

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