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Multi-Payer Eligibility

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Multi-payer eligibility verification that works when you need it.

Our Multi-Payer Eligibility solution is a comprehensive web-based eligibility verification tool for Medicare, Medicaid and most major commercial payers. Using Multi-Payer Eligibility, you can verify patient coverage quickly and easily. Our eligibility solution helps automate your efforts to stay on top of changes in coverage. You won't spend valuable time on patients without coverage, non-covered services, expired coverage limits and data discrepancies. This effectively reduces denied claims and line items while improving cash collections.

Our solution produces a comprehensive Coverage Detail Report that delivers:

  • Beneficiary and subscriber verification
  • Eligibility and benefits
  • Coverage type
  • Deductible data
  • Provider/service specific coverage information

Our Multi-Payer Eligibility solution puts even more information at your fingertips. By connecting directly to individual payer web portals, our exclusive technology electronically retrieves and delivers important information like a patient's primary care physician, plan effective dates, prior authorization requirements and more. This means more accurate claims and less time manually searching for patient data in other locations.

Powerful Search Features

Cascading eligibility search feature finds all your patients' coverage

Searches multiple payers at once, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers.

Medicare advanced eligibility search

Automates eligibility verification for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Secondary Payer, Medicare Part D, and/or QMB plans.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Easily select insurance plans and submit patients for verification
    Know from the start exactly what can be billed.

  • Check eligibility through a convenient online interface
    Integrate all your payers into one convenient location.

  • Verify nearly all insurance plans
    Get results in just seconds in a report you can print, email or save to the patient file.

  • Increase staff efficiency
    Verify eligibility up front and spend less time dealing with rejected and denied claims.

  • Increase cash flow
    Submitting fewer claims that will be denied or rejected results in a higher monthly cash flow.

  • Protected Health Information stays secure
    Rest assured that our verification process is entirely HIPAA-compliant.

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