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Get DRG information from Medicare in minutes.


Understanding and effectively managing Diagnostic-Related Groupings (DRG) payments ensures your hospital makes a profit. You don’t want to lose money on a hospitalization if you spend more on the patient than the DRG payment for that illness.

Busy hospital billing departments shouldn’t waste time manually checking DRG calculations or using outdated calculation tools. With eSolutions’ MedicareDRG tool, hospitals can automatically calculate and retrieve DRG grouper/pricer information directly from Medicare in minutes.

Using the MedicareDRG tool, you can quickly view a returned all-in-one response that includes patient information, DRG Grouper summary, and estimated payment information. Save and organize your responses, and use this valuable data to ensure you’re getting correctly compensated from Medicare and commercial payers.

Benefits of MedicareDRG


Reduce labor and manual entry with direct, automated access to FISS


Identify potential cost outliers for a claim prior to billing


Store and save inquiries to prove you’re entitled to correct or additional reimbursement


Returned DRG data is identical to what Medicare will use to adjudicate your claim

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