Medicare Essentials

Medicare Essentials is a fast, secure and reliable way to connect to Medicare and verify patient eligibility.

Medicare Essentials Package

Powerful Medicare Eligibility Verification

Check eligibility in real time straight from the Medicare system. eSolutions provides the most comprehensive eligibility report available. With our direct access to Medicare’s data, you’re able to correct data discrepancies such as misspelled names, incorrect MBI numbers and DOB on the spot. Check key patient details like Medicare Advantage plans and preventative services.

Secure Connection

Connect to Medicare DDE and multiple MAC regions simultaneously.

Reliable File Transfer

Transfer claim files quickly and securely to speed up reimbursement. Get a complete snapshot of your 835/837 file transfer activity so you can quickly review which claims have been accepted, rejected and processed.

Medicare Essentials is the solution for providers who want to…

  • Lessen eligibility-related rejections and denials

  • Connect directly to Medicare, in real-time

  • Increase staff efficiency

  • Get paid faster

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