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Medicare Essentials

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Everything you need to get started on improving your billing and reimbursements.

The Medicare Essentials package is the most efficient solution for connecting to the Medicare DDE system and verifying your patient Medicare eligibility. Used by thousands of providers across the country, this package completely transforms your billing process. By making sure more claims are billed correctly up front, you’re able to dramatically improve the health of your revenue cycle.

Medicare Eligibility Verification

The Medicare Essentials package retrieves data directly from the Medicare system so we can provide you with a more comprehensive eligibility report than the traditional EDI based system. Because of our ability to access this unique data set, we're also able to correct data discrepancies such as misspelled names, incorrect HIC numbers and DOB.

Connecting to the Medicare DDE

Connection tools that require you to invest in additional phone lines, hardware or software are a relic of the past. With Medicare Essentials, you get everything you need in a web-based tool that works on your existing equipment. Unlike other connection methods, Medicare Essentials actually allows you to connect to multiple MAC regions simultaneously.

Claims Submission

The Medicare Essentials package gives you a complete snapshot of activity on your 835/837 file transmissions. You can quickly review which of your claims have been accepted, rejected, and processed. This allows you to easily prioritize and troubleshoot your workload.

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