Medicare Enterprise Package

Medicare Enterprise is the premier all-in-one solution to manage the Medicare revenue cycle. For more than two decades, we’ve been setting the industry standard for streamlined automation of Medicare claims management and reimbursement.  

Medicare Enterprise Package

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive Medicare reporting and analytics delivers greater insight into your billing process so you can spot any issues that may negatively impact your billing and follow-up efforts. eSolutions provides actionable data on RTP claims, ADRs, eligibility, claims paid, days in A/R and much more.

Claims Correction

Update your claims directly in the Medicare system with our web-based claim form that looks just like the UB-04 that’s familiar to you. Correct large numbers of claims in a shorter amount of time. Claims correction is available 24/7 so your team can work when and where it’s convenient.

Eligibility Verification

Check eligibility in real time straight from the Medicare system. eSolutions provides the most comprehensive eligibility report available. With our direct access to Medicare’s data, you’re able to correct data discrepancies such as misspelled names, incorrect MBI numbers and DOB on the spot. Check key patient details like Medicare Advantage plans and preventative services.

Secure Connection

Connect to Medicare DDE and multiple MAC regions simultaneously.

Reliable File Transfer

Transfer claim files quickly and securely to speed up reimbursement. Get a complete snapshot of your 835/837 file transfer activity so you can quickly review which claims have been accepted, rejected and processed.

Medicare Enterprise is the solution for providers who want to

  • Get paid faster

  • Collect the Medicare full payments they deserve

  • Connect directly to Medicare, in real-time

  • Count on revenue integrity

  • Use relevant data insights

  • Know exactly where their Medicare claims are and what to do with them

  • Replace manual processes with proven workflows

"I have worked with eSolutions at three different facilities and they have been amazing in assisting us with managing our Medicare receivables, process improvement initiatives, and increasing our cash flow. Their products are so user friendly, training is awesome and their customer support rates the best I have ever worked with, timely and responsive. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, they are definitely a 10."

Debbie Campbell, Assistant Director Billing and Collections - DCH Regional Medical Center

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