Medicare Direct Claim Entry

eSolutions’ Medicare Direct Claim Entry gives you an alternative to billing claims as EDI transactions. Automated EDI 837 file input via Medicare Direct Claim Entry speeds up the adjudication process and eliminates hand-keying claims. Plus, you'll never worry about delays from EDI submission that can slow you down.  It will boost your efficiency and cash flow, while saving you time.

Medicare Direct Claim Entry provides you with automated 837 file input.

Get a jump on submission when you use Medicare Direct Claim Entry. Your claims enter the adjudication process one to two days faster, expediting your payment and improving cash flow.

Medicare Direct Claim Entry manages your files in an intuitive interface that allows you to decide when to trigger submission. It alerts you to any issues with your claims prior to submission. If your claims require updates, you can easily fix errors and resubmit.

We use data directly from Medicare DDE, so you’ll catch more errors upfront and submit more accurate claims to Medicare. This ensures that fewer claims will be kicked back due to errors.

Medicare Direct Claim Entry is for providers who want to:

  • Work directly in your browser using a secure connection
  • Edit your claims on a single screen
  • Sort claims by status (new, started, submitted, in error, complete, and cancelled).
  • Easily check the status and total claim charges.
  • View batch detail with a single click. The Start Date and End Date let you know when the batch was submitted and when it was completed.
  • Enjoy Full integration with other Medicare Enterprise tools to simplify billing and claim maintenance.
  • Save time, reduce risk.
  • Hospices have the option to submit batch NOEs via FISS.

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