Medicare Analytics

eSolutions' foundational tool

Provides unsurpassed claim data to maximize cash flow

Allows providers to systematically review and status 100% of their Part A Medicare claims

Providers who use Medicare Analytics more precisely understand the reasons preventing them from sending a clean claim on first submission. With this tool, providers receive incomparable Medicare revenue cycle data and insights.  

Instantly identify, understand and remove barriers for maximum Medicare payment.

What does this do for my organization?

Using FISS Reason Code data, Medicare Analytics classifies Rejected, Denied and Return to Provider (RTP) claims so that you can make informed, fast decisions to handle these claims.

These insights are important because Medicare gives you limited time and opportunity to work RTPs and ADRs and receive full reimbursement. The cost to track claims in FISS and rework them reduces your margins. With granular RTP details, you have transparency into RTP claims that allows you to take action – these are insights you cannot get in your electronic health record or practice management system.

The data in Medicare Analytics delivers in-depth analysis of outstanding payments, revenue recovery and miscalculated reimbursement. Plus, you get trending and benchmarking information, even broken down by different areas within your organization. You can then use this data to drive staff training initiatives, policies and procedures to improve claims processing outcomes.

Key features and benefits to providers who use Medicare Analytics:

  • Real-time validation with Common Working File

  • Configurable reporting engine with built-in reports by provider type.

  • Automates manual steps required to monitor RTPs and ADRs in Medicare’s cumbersome system

  • Robust Trends and Benchmarking

  • Reduced Rejections and Denials

  • Increased staff efficiency and cash flow

  • Intuitive workflows

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