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DDE Claim Submission

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Automated direct data entry of your Medicare claims.

Our DDE Claim submission solution eliminates the need for you to bill claims as EDI. Simply send us your 837 Medicare claim file and ACE-DDE automatically divides out each claim and enters it into the Medicare System for you. You’ll never have to hand key claims again! 

All of your files are managed in an intuitive interface that allows you to decide when to trigger submission. ACE-DDE makes you aware of any issues with your claims prior to submission. If your claims require updates, you can easily fix errors and resubmit. 

When using EDI, you’re unnecessarily slowing down your submission process. By using ACE-DDE, your claims will enter the adjudication process one to two days faster. This helps you paid quickly and dramatically improves your cash flow.

By submitting more accurate claims to Medicare, you’re ensuring that fewer will be kicked back due to errors. This dramatically improves your billing process and the overall effectiveness of your revenue cycle management.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Secure connection
    Work directly in your browser.

  • Improved claims editing

    Edit your claims on a single screen.

  • Direct access to data

    Sort claims by status (New, Started, Submitted, In Error, Complete, and Cancelled). Easily check the status and the total charges for a claim.

  • Improved access to batch data

    View batch detail with a single click. The Start Date and End Date let you know when the batch was submitted and when it was completed.

  • Full integration with MedicareACE and MedicareSAM

    Makes it easier to bill your claims and perform the inevitable claims maintenance that follows.

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