eSolutions' Insurance Discovery™

Take charge of uncompensated care. Stop writing off claims and losing revenue. Recover accounts written off as self-pay, charity or bad debt with eSolutions' Insurance Discovery. Find previously unidentified Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims eligibility.


eSolutions' Insurance Discovery™ has ...

1.7 Million

$750 Million
in Billable Charges

5 - 12%
of Accounts

As the patient coverage landscape continues to change with high-deductible insurance plans, Medicaid expansion and patients rapidly aging into Medicare, hospitals must handle rising uncompensated care costs. For your hospital’s profitability, discovering coverage and recovering reimbursement is more important than ever.

Hospitals trust eSolutions to help them get paid quickly and accurately. With eSolutions’ Insurance Discovery, you can find opportunities for post-service payments your hospital likely won’t discover otherwise.

Stop wasting time sifting through ineligible claims you can’t bill. Send us a batch file of your previously unidentified Medicare, Medicaid and commercial claims, and our intelligent, proprietary technology will examine eligible claimsnot eligible individuals — and return the file to you, pinpointing exactly which claims you should bill.

eSolutions’ Insurance Discovery employs proprietary algorithms to automate the categorization of data received from your organization, Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Care and commercial payers. We’ve built our technology to ensure scalability and reliability of service, resulting in a fast, automated, and highly accurate solution. Insurance Discovery has helped providers recover, on average, 5-12% of accounts.

Insurance Discovery includes a user-friendly dashboard and analytics tool so you can monitor performance. Conveniently customize your reports for accurate and timely delivery of KPIs for every level of your organization.

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