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Improvement through smarter submission.

Engage Quality and Compliance offers you a secure and reliable way to submit required files to CMS, as well as automate the retrieval of your CASPER reports. This premium service helps you quickly evaluate areas in need of improvement and allows you to stay compliant on all reporting requirements.

File Submission

Whether you need to send OASIS, HIS, MDS or PBJ files, we’ve got you covered. The tool, which uses our popular secure transfer process, will show you the status of all your files, as well as deliver validation reports upon successful submission.

Home Health providers: Take advantage of our OASIS analysis capabilities. Engage Quality and Compliance performs a complete analysis of your files assessment, flags potential issues, and even returns recommendations.

CASPER Reporting

If you’re like most providers, you’re only reviewing your CASPER Reports on a quarterly basis (at best). We get it. Between tying up your computer and long download queues, it can be a frustrating and time consuming effort. To help you avoid theses annoyances and save you time, eSolutions now automates this process. We’re able to pull monthly, quarterly and annual CASPER reports to assist with your survey readiness.

Our CASPER Reporting Service delivers to you all quality measure reports associated with:

  • OASIS (Outcome and Assessment Information Set)
  • MDS (Minimum Data Set)
  • HIS (Hospice Item Set)

Engage Quality and Compliance makes sure your CASPER reports are never more than a few clicks away. This gives you more time to review and analyze your CASPER reports in preparation for your survey. What’s more, with monthly reports, you’ll be able to quickly identify problem areas and take steps to correct them to improve your scores. It could very well be the factor that pushes a potential customer in one direction or the other.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Worry-free uploads and submissions
    Say goodbye to bothersome manual uploads - Engage Quality and Compliance automatically and securely uploads your files and transmits them to CMS.

  • Prioritize and troubleshoot your entire workload
    Our secure file transfer process makes it simple to see the number of files that have been accepted, rejected, and processed.

  • Improved reliability
    Always know the status of your files in real time. You can see when your files have been accepted or if they contain rejected data.

  • Quickly access key eligibility data
    Automated report downloads make it simple to access your key data.

  • SNF Providers - Access all essential reports including:

    • MDS Five Star Ratings of Nursing Homes

    • MDS Response (MDS 3.0 Nursing Home Final Validation Report)

    • MDS Resident (List of Residents Triggering Publicly Reported Quality Measures)

    • Quarterly MDS Previews (of Quality Measure Scores)

  • Customized CASPER Report delivery to meet your needs
    eSolutions automates the retrieval of your CASPER reports and delivers them as often as you’d like. We retrieve the report to help you avoid tying up your computer with long download-queues.

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