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Engage Audits & Denials is your go-to solution for submitting, tracking and analyzing claims as they make their way through the revenue cycle. It streamlines HIPAA-compliant, electronic submission of medical records and automatically drives your workflow, while also providing business intelligence through reporting and analytics. The appeals process is also made exponentially more effective.

Engage Audits & Denials ensures you get the money you deserve as quickly as possible. Often, health care providers are forced to write off denied claims when the appeals process becomes too time-consuming or because they lack the required staff resources to dedicate to the task. Engage Audits & Denials is critical for any organization wanting to increase workflow effectiveness and recover payment from denied claims.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Improved management reporting and analysis
    Track the status of your claims and identify the source of rejections and denials automatically. Stay on top of deadlines and boost your chances of a successful appeal.

  • Respond to audit requirements faster
    Send and receive documents requested by RAC, MAC, PERM, CERT, ZPIC and SMRC audits with our secure, HIPAA-compliant esMD gateway service

  • Appeals management that puts you in control

    Enhance your process with integrated appeal notes, workflow support/follow-up and unlimited users.

  • Reduced and prevented denials
    Ensure your team is on top of every ADR or appeal in need of action with automated entry of staff work lists.

  • Reduced labor costs

    Stop wasting time chasing paper. Engage Audits & Denials automates the appeal process.

  • Follow full audit trails

    In-depth ADR tracking helps you pin down the claim’s exact status and location in the Medicare FISS system. 

  • Streamline your electronic document submission

    Use esMD to electronically transmit RAC, ADRs, PA, and Reconsideration Appeals documents through our secure, HIPAA-compliant gateway.

  • Improve management related to post-pay reviews

    Manage the entire audit trail of a post-pay review. Keep track of your contacts, generate and attach documents, route the claim and request follow-up.

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