DME Medicare Eligibility

Simplify DME eligibility, prevent denials and boost cash flow. eSolutions understands that profitability matters to your DME business, and we have the integrated eligibility tools to help drive your revenue growth.

Accessible from anywhere, eSolutions helps you streamline your entire eligibility management process. With special features just for DME providers, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips for quick, accurate reimbursement.

Find all your patients’ coverage and prevent denials

With the most advanced connection to Medicare and robust verification capabilities, eSolutions works to find all your patients’ coverage and benefits.

  • Verify coverage and benefits in real-time
    • Individual checks or batch verification
    • Patient deductible, coinsurance and co-pay information
  • Determine Certificate of Medical Necessity
  • Check for same or similar equipment items in real-time or via batch – Quickly and easily verify all HCPCS codes including A, L and V codes – NEW FEATURE!
  • Identify patient equipment with the least amount of patient pay responsibility
  • View detailed supplier information, including historical suppliers and equipment
  • Use exclusive Medicare advanced search and cascading search features that keep working until they discover coverage. This includes Medicare Advantage, Medicare Secondary Payers, HMOs, Medicaid and commercial payers.

DME Medicare Eligibility is for providers who want to:

  • Optimize and simplify the eligibility process

  • Easily and quickly check all Medicare HCPCS codes for same or similar items as a single transaction or on multiple patients at once

  • Prevent same or similar claim denials

  • Increase cash flow and boost productivity

Optimize your DME Medicare Eligibility today!

“We could not check L codes anywhere except for the CGS website or by calling the IVR system on Medicare, but we never could get access. Checking the L codes with [eSolutions’] DME Same or Similar has helped tremendously with billing Medicare bracing patients. Our overall experience has been great.”

Micheal Eddleman // Orthotics Manager // Britkare Home Medical // Amarillo, TX

Cut through the daily complexities so you can grow and improve your business.