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Reporting & Analytics

Harness the power of data to improve your business.

Detailed, easy-to-read reports and analytics are essential tools in evaluating the health of your business. eSolutions' Reporting & Analytics solution offers a sophisticated set of comprehensive reports and detailed analytics, so you can easily access anything from insight into a small set of claims to a high-level view of your organization's overall financial performance.

With our Reporting & Analytics solution, you can run reports from any computer with internet access. Export report results to a spreadsheet for further analysis and store templates for future use. Use any combination of selection criteria, including ‘and/or’ operators, ranges of values and multiple non-contiguous values. You also have access to claim fields for both professional and institutional claims.

Additional functionality and benefits include:

  • Measure yourself against peers by region, nationally, or by specialty
  • Find and quantify any information about the claim side of your business or your clients’ business
  • Measure staff productivity
  • Generate audits itemizing error corrections, payer responses, assignments and notes for a single claim or group of claims
  • Compare payments and denials by payer
  • Identify most common errors and reasons for denial by staff member or by payer
  • Manage denials
  • Monitor follow-up activity of your billing staff: errors corrected, errors overridden, completion of follow-up items

A few of the useful analytics and reimbursement reports included with Reporting & Analytics:

  • Industry-leading full claim cycle analytics
  • End-user specific reporting
  • Outstanding claim tracking
  • Payer denial reporting
  • Reimbursement tracking
  • Code specific payer payment breakdown
  • Optional customizable reports
  • Total claim volume
  • Total payer denials
  • Number of denials and list of denied claims not rebilled
  • Outstanding claims
  • Total eligibility transactions

 Start getting more out of your reporting and analytics queries.