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Patient Statements

Let us handle patient statement preparation and delivery.

Preparing patient statements is a time consuming and cumbersome task. Patient Statements from eSolutions assists with statement preparation and delivery, so your staff can focus on more important things.

With our service, your statements are professionally designed, printed, and mailed. Your statements are fully customizable and can include payment coupons and even return envelopes. You make the call about when they’re distributed — no worrying about last-minute changes. Once you’re ready, your mailing can go out as early as the next business day. Patients also can enjoy convenient options like receiving their statements via email and paying their bill online.

We use the USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) service, so there’s peace of mind that you’re mailing to the most current address on file with the post office. If NCOA finds new addresses, you’ll receive an Address Change Report so you can update your billing records.

Your patients have several payment options on their statements, including ePay. With ePay, patients simply go to your special provider payment portal where they pay you electronically. It's fast and convenient for your patients and your office.

Let’s face it – preparing patient statements is labor intensive. Either send statements electronically with eSolutions, or let us print, fold, stuff and sort. Both options save you paper, time and money.

Start saving time with eSolutions' Patient Statements solution.