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Not all clearinghouses are created equal.

eSolutions’ clearinghouse has unmatched, advanced features for a complete claims solution that does the heavy lifting. With direct access to thousands of payers and seamless integration with nearly any EHR or practice management system, you get more with eSolutions – the most powerful capabilities in the industry and a partner committed to your success.



Powerful claim processing, scrubbing, editing and management.

Our cutting-edge scrubbing technology alerts you to errors you can directly fix with real-time claim edits before submission. Our clearinghouse maintains more than 5,000 payer connections and 1 million global and payer-specific edits. Other clearinghouses charge extra for edits we include in our standard package. Claims tracking shows you the status of your claims at all stages of the claim cycle.

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Eligibility & eChecker

Eligibility features deliver more patient data and reduce denials.

Don’t spend another minute outside of your system manually searching for coverage information. With enhanced eligibility features, more patient data is at your fingertips. By connecting directly to payer websites, our exclusive technology electronically retrieves and delivers comprehensive, accurate patient data in seconds. eSolutions verifies eligibility for commercial payers, Medicaid and Medicare, retrieving complete benefit details up front to greatly reduce eligibility-related denials.

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All Payer and Medicaid Eligibility Verification

Reporting & Analytics

Harness the power of data to streamline your practice.

You need data to make informed decisions. eSolutions puts comprehensive, intuitive reporting and comparative analytics front and center so you can avoid denials, track reimbursement, identify errors and maximize productivity. Our automated and customized reporting features not only give you the power to send clean claims the first time, they offer profound insight into your revenue cycle so you can make impactful workflow changes that create more revenue with less effort.

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Automation means faster payments and improved workflow.

eSolutions delivers further automated convenience by converting your paper EOBs into ERAs. Simply scan your paper EOBs and send them to us. We’ll map the data and convert it into an ERA for auto-posting back into your practice management software. Your converted remittance information also goes straight into your reporting and analytics tools.

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Patient Statements

Let us handle patient statement preparation and delivery.

eSolutions’ patient statement preparation and delivery service takes on the burden of statements so your team can focus on other mission-critical tasks. eSolutions professionally designs, prints and mails your fully customizable statements. Patients can enjoy convenient options like receiving their statements via email and paying their bill online. It all adds up to patients who are satisfied with your billing process and less administrative overhead.

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Advanced Features

Benefits that go beyond traditional clearinghouse services.

Automated reporting delivers business intelligence you need straight to your inbox. Advanced clinical claim scrubbing and editing further safeguards your claims by improving accuracy across thousands of coding and billing requirements. Submit Workers' Compensation claims and dental claim attachments electronically through our portal and follow the claims with real-time reports and analytics.   eSolutions' clearinghouse does more so you touch claims less.


Expertise and World-Class Service

You've got challenges. We've got answers when you need them.

Just ask our customers – our service sets us apart. When you switch to eSolutions, your dedicated enrollment manager handles your payer, claims and ERA enrollment process so you don’t stress over staff resources and potential lost reimbursement. Once you’re up and running, our U.S.-based team of claim experts becomes your claims processing partner, resolving any issues that come up quickly so you get paid faster.

“I have personally worked with many clearinghouses over the 30 years I’ve been in this industry and have found the reporting and customer service provided by eSolutions outstanding compared to the others.”

Leslie Felix // Office Manager // Hope Family Care

From eligibility verification to patient payment and everything in between, eSolutions provides more than just the ability to bill your claims. Find out why thousands of providers turn to us for complete revenue cycle and business intelligence solutions.

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