CASPER Reports

For post-acute care providers, every hour of each day counts. There's little time to waste on tedious manual processes like report retrieval from CMS.

eSolutions’ CASPER Reports tool eliminates the manual work and waiting associated with retrieving CASPER reports from CMS. eSolutions automatically retrieves your CASPER reports when you want them and delivers them straight to your inbox. 

Our CASPER Reports service delivers reports associated with MDS 3.0, OASIS and HIS. It includes reporting features that optimize data so you can identify key trends and make smart decisions for your organization. Decisions that ultimately improve your Five-Star Rating and Quality Measures data, which improves referrals and boosts your business.


CASPER Reports is for providers who want to

  • Reduce manual work and analysis

  • Spend less time downloading files

  • Stay on top of Five-Star Ratings

  • Improve reimbursement speed, accuracy and cash flow

"CASPER Reports has streamlined our QM management processes. We are now more efficient and better able to stay on top of our Five Star Ratings."

Gary Klein, COO - Caring Healthcare

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