Audit and Denial Management

Stop spending hours manually handling ADRs, appeals and audits. eSolutions’ powerful Audit and Denial Management is the go-to solution for automating everything you need to quickly recover the payment you deserve.

Audit and Denial Management tracks and streamlines HIPAA-compliant, electronic submission of medical records and automatically drives your audit, ADR and appeal management workflow.

You’ll have real-time visibility into claims being worked, how many dollars are at risk, and what’s being recovered. Assign workloads to your team and pull in-depth productivity reports while monitoring workflow and staff activity. Our tool effortlessly integrates into other HIT solutions and allows for unlimited users.

Audit and Denial Management is for providers who want to…

  • Efficiently handle Medicare ADR response

  • Appeal multi-payer claims from one easy-to-use dashboard

  • Control and speed up audit response – RAC, MAC, PERM, CERT, ZPIC and SMRC

  • Receive, store and track Medicare’s electronic medical document requests (eMDRs)

  • Accelerate reimbursement and cash flow

  • Decrease labor costs and improve productivity with automated workflow tools

  • Identify denial trends and root causes to prevent future denials

“Without eSolutions’ Audit and Denial Management, it would be impossible to manage our ADR process as well as we do. We can keep the focus on working with our facilities to develop the best ADR submission possible."

Ray Davis, Director of Reimbursement and Appeals - Liberty Healthcare

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