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Revenue Cycle Basics:

The Medicare Review Process Webinar


Learn how the Medicare review process works, as well as how it's changing and what you can do to simplify your own processes.

In this webinar, eSolutions' Senior Revenue Cycle Analyst, Greg Beech, will educate you on the Medicare review process and what you can do to improve your own process.

  1. Identify the Sources of Claim Reviews
  2. We'll address the five most common review contractors.
  3. Identify Each Review Contractor's Role
  4. Define each contractor's role in the review process and their jurisdictions.
  5. Learn How to Identify Your Review Contractors
  6. Find the information you need to identify your state-specific contractor.
  7. Review Recent Updates to ADR Process
  8. CMS is constantly changing, so here is where I'll be touching on the latest changes to the ADR process.
  9. Learn How eSolutions Can Simplify Your Audit Process
  10. In this last section, we'll show you how our solutions can simplify and track your audits through Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation.

This webinar is the first in a year-long series from our Revenue Cycle Group.

I'd like to learn about the Medicare Review Process.