MBI Lookup

Spending too much time chasing MBIs? eSolutions offers a better way to find and retrieve MBIs, saving you from costly denials.


As of January 1, 2020, Medicare stopped accepting social security number (SSN) based Health Insurance Claim Numbers (HICNs) for most transactions, including eligibility verification and claim submission. The result has been costly claim rejections and denials, with rejected claims costing providers billions in January alone.

For provider organizations large and small, finding a patient’s MBI number and updating it in your system requires manual effort, plus, eats up time and resources your team just doesn’t have.

There’s help if you need it.

eSolutions’ MBI Lookup is the fastest, easiest way to ensure Medicare accepts your eligibility requests, claims, and other Medicare transactions. It also helps lessen claim rejections and denials to protect and accelerate your cash flow, which is more important now than ever.

We have automated and streamlined the existing manual process of checking patient identifiers one at a time. Now, find and retrieve MBIs by using our new MBI Lookup – just enter a patient’s name, birth date, and SSN, and our tool will return the MBI number. This tool queues multiple requests simultaneously and conveniently allows several users to look up MBI numbers at once.

Enjoy the convenience of retrieving MBIs for multiple patients at once with our batch lookup feature. It’s simple — provide eSolutions a patient batch file, and we’ll run it through our proprietary process that converts your patients’ HICNs to MBIs. We’ll then return a file that you can use to easily update your patient records.  

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