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Derek Smith

Executive Vice President of Sales

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Derek oversees the entire sales department defining the sales process and strategy to achieve booking and revenue goals for the company. With over 20 years of sales experience and extensive knowledge in business leadership and development, Derek’s primary focus is to further develop a strategic sales plan that supports sales growth and customer satisfaction within the organization.


    Prior to eSolutions, Derek served as Chief Commercial Officer for Global Healthcare Exchange where he was highly involved in progressing corporate strategy, marketing, and end-to-end product/business development to leverage emerging technology trends. In addition, his experience in managing multiple departments has equipped him to know the correct approach to producing effective communication across departments.

    As a data-driven sales leader, Derek has always been motivated in his career by his fascination with technology and passion for implementing new strategies to promote sales force growth. “I love technology and the process of using it to remove waste and inefficiencies in processes changes has always been fascinating to me.”

    Weather permitting, Derek enjoys spending his free time on the water. Teaching his kids and nieces and nephews how to wakeboard and waterski is always the go-to for a fun activity.

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