Deb Bickford

Deb Bickford

Chief Human Resources Officer

As eSolutions’ Chief Human Resources Officer, Deb leads human resources and talent. In her role, she seeks to reinforce and foster a strong culture where employees thrive and see eSolutions as not just a job, but a place where people want to come to work each day.

Before joining eSolutions, Deb was Vice President of Human Resources at Netsmart Technologies, where she was recognized for a commitment to excellence and dedicating significant focus on developing associates. In Deb’s six-and-a-half years with Netsmart, the company grew nearly 300%, and she oversaw numerous acquisitions. Her small team of four grew to a 19-member, high-functioning HR organization capable of servicing rapid growth demands.

Deb’s experience in every aspect of HR, from payroll to compensation and benefits, to talent acquisition, to HR generalist and then executive leadership, gives her a unique holistic perspective. Deb’s skill set and leadership helps eSolutions evolve by further developing employees while attracting top talent so the company manages, and continues, tremendous growth.

Deb has a passion for mental wellness and spends her free time promoting overall well-being, including health, fitness and the importance of nutrition. She also is an avid reader, enjoys yoga and participates in daily meditation.