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Dan Feimster

Vice President of Product Strategy

Dan is the Vice President of Product Strategy. His focus is on the long range view of eSolutions’ position in the healthcare marketplace. This includes improving products as well as looking into any new partnership opportunities.


During his time with eSolutions, Dan has been able to work with a good community of people, both new hires and veterans, who know that helping their clients is important. He believes that the products eSolutions offers directly reflect the talent in the company.

Dan has a passion for identifying problems healthcare providers are facing and creating solutions that help them automate their workflow or achieve other favorable outcomes. His first professional role was in engineering. Since then he has been in business development, marketing, and clearinghouse management at Cerner Corporation. All of these experiences have given him key knowledge in product management, as well as fueled his drive to help his clients solve their problems.

Outside of the office, he’s a full time dad with three daughters. Family time is most important to him, and he does everything he can to make the most of it.

If you’re interested in learning more about what eSolutions has to offer, feel free to send him a message via LinkedIn. You can also check out the careers page if you’re interested in joining the team: http://www.esolutionsinc.com/careers.

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