Brian Martorana

Brian Martorana

Vice President of Marketing

Brian is the Vice President of Marketing. He leads the marketing team and helps them manage all B2B marketing efforts such as the eSolutions website, blog, social media platforms, and various marketing campaigns. He is also responsible for making sure that eSolutions has a noticeable presence at various healthcare conventions and trade shows throughout the year.

Before eSolutions, Brian received a good mix of experience working in advertising and PR firms, as well as multiple companies that implemented B2B marketing. These jobs, plus his personal experience of moving six times before the 8th grade, has made him embrace new and changing situations instead of worry about them. He looks forward to reporting positive results and the opportunity to link marketing activities to reaching and exceeding business objectives.

Brian joined eSolutions because of its unique structure. There are no tiers, no organizational charts, and no asking up the ladder. Everyone has an open-door policy and empowers you to start projects and make things happen. He’s very happy to be a part of such a forward-thinking and nimble organization.

Outside of work he spends time with his family, plays golf, and goes to concerts.

If you want to talk B2B marketing and share ideas, feel free to send him a message through LinkedIn. He’s always looking to learn new things and see how others in the industry are tackling common problems.