PDPM Webinar Series

Who better to prepare you for PDPM than the Medicare experts?

eSolutions, the Medicare billing experts, has joined forces with Maureen McCarthy, one of the nation’s top PDPM experts and SNF consultants, to bring you a special webinar series sure to deliver the insights you need to prepare your SNF for PDPM.

Who should attend? This series is for SNF professionals in billing, finance, administration and accounting.

Presented by

Maureen McCarthy


Celtic Consulting

Webinar #1

PDPM for SNF Billers

If you missed this live webinar on Aug. 23, 2019, you can watch it now!

This webinar covers:

  • Review of the PDPM program and new billing requirements
  • Review of Case Mix Groupings and HIPPS Modifiers
  • Reporting of primary diagnosis for the UB04 claim

Webinar #2

PDPM, Triple Check and Medicare Meeting

If you missed this live webinar on Sept. 23, 2019, you can watch it now!

This webinar covers:

  • Basic PDPM concepts and what will change on Oct. 1
  • Financial Implications for your finance team
  • Ideas for implementing the PDPM Triple Check meeting
  • Ideas for implementing the PDPM Medicare Meeting
  • Extensive Q&A session with real SNF questions and expert answers

Webinar #3

Are You Leaving $$$ on the Table?
PDPM Best Practices & Success Strategies

If you missed this live webinar on Jan. 10, 2020, you can watch it now!

This webinar reviews best practices and success strategies for revenue integrity under PDPM. Now that the PDPM transition date has passed, you may be wondering whether you are capturing all the revenue you should be capturing. Watch this webinar to discover opportunities to consider when managing your fee-for-service population.


  1. Be able to identify at least 2 areas for consideration when setting assessment reference dates for IPA MDS assessments.
  2. Presenter will detail 3 factors that impact revenue prior to admission.
  3. Review how the use of an interdisciplinary approach can improve revenue.

About the Presenter

Maureen McCarthy, RN, BS, RAC-MT, QCP-MT, DNS-MT, RAC-MT, OASIS Master Trainer Maureen is the president of Celtic Consulting, LLC, a clinical reimbursement, clinical operations and compliance advisory firm. Recognized as an industry leader in clinical reimbursement for Long-Term Care, Maureen has been a registered nurse for over 30 years with experience as an MDS Coordinator, Director of Nursing, Rehab Director and a Medicare biller. Maureen is a past-president for the Association of Long-Term Care Financial Managers, is the Medicare & MDS 3.0 Advisor for several state affiliates and is an advisor to the J13 Medicare contractor National Government Services Provider Advisory Group. She is also an Editorial Advisor for HCPro, a national publisher for post-acute care providers. She sits on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nurses (AAPACN) and serves as an Expert Advisory Panel member for American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC). McCarthy was recently presented the ACHCA 2018 Education Award, at the ACHCA Annual Convocation & Exposition in Orlando, FL. She has been selected to join the American Health Care Association (AHCA) PDPM Academy Training Team, which provides education to the nation’s state affiliates regarding PDPM. Maureen is certified in the resident assessment process, QAPI and Director of Nursing Services, by nationally recognized organizations and holds Master Teacher status in all three certifications.