PDGM Webinar Series

Who better to prepare you for PDGM than the Medicare experts?

eSolutions, the Medicare billing experts, has joined forces with Karri Wright, Sr. Director of Product Management at Homecare Homebase, to bring you a special webinar series sure to deliver the insights you need to prepare your home health agency for PDGM.

Who should attend? This webinar is for home health professionals in billing, finance, administration and accounting.

Presented by


Karri Wright

Sr. Director of Product Management Homecare Homebase

Webinar #2 moderated by

Dave Fleck

Sales Manager, Home Health & Hospice eSolutions

Webinar #2:

PDGM Changes Impacting the Bottom Line

Tuesday, October 29 @ 2 P.M. CST

PDGM will impact your HHA’s bottom line. Preparation now means success under the new model.

The webinar covers:

  1. Admission Source and Period Timing (with Elimination of Therapy) Upcoding
  2. Variable LUPA threshold per Period instead of Episode
  3. 30-day Billing Periods
  4. Other things to manage responsibly:
    1. Comorbidities
    2. Primary Diagnoses
  5. Considerations for agencies

Webinar #1:

PDGM’s Behavioral Adjustments – What You Need to Know Now

If you missed this live webinar on August 29, you can watch it now!

Don’t let PDGM’s Behavioral Adjustments negatively impact your agency.

The webinar covers:

  1. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) assumptions and intended adjustments and their impact on:
    1. Upcoding
    2. Comorbidities
    3. LUPA Avoidance
  2. Considerations for HHAs
  3. Evaluating your HHA data now to assess tomorrow based on today’s reality.

About the Presenter

Karri Wright

As Sr. Director of Product Management at Homecare Homebase, Karri has responsibility for PDGM solution within the HCHB application suite.  Prior to joining Homecare Homebase, she led the EDI Services team for GE Healthcare’s Centricity product, which was a physician practice management solution.  During her time at GE, she also contributed in both Product Management and Upstream Marketing roles. Karri’s experience includes over 20 years in healthcare and healthcare software solutions, where she has lead billing, support, implementation, and product management teams.