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As a Home Health & Hospice provider, you're used to rapidly changing billing rules and regulations. Our Resource Center helps you stay on top of industry changes, offering valuable revenue cycle management tips for quick and accurate payment.

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Review Choice Demonstration Product Launch Announcement

With Review Choice Demonstration (RCD) set to begin December 10th in Illinois, we're excited to announce the launch of our latest product. Our RCD product is an update to the Pre-Claim Review product from 2016 and is designed to assist home health agencies who choose pre-claim review to affirm their claims.

Getting Ready for Review Choice Demonstration | eBook

Review Choice Demonstration is scheduled to begin December 10th in Illinois. Is your agency ready?

Save Time with New Home Health RAP Billing Feature

As a home health provider, you understand how a cancelled Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) can create a chain of unpleasant events that disrupt cash flow and productivity.  Not only are you losing money from the cancelled RAP, you're unable to bill the final claim until you resubmit a new RAP to Medicare for processing. This means interruption to your daily workflows, manual RAP rebilling efforts and major delays in cash flow.

Home Health & Hospice Agencies Gain Leverage with Reimbursement Insights

Processing times, denial rates, cash flow and alternative payment models – all just a few of the many business challenges home health and hospice agencies face. As agencies identify areas in which to focus their efforts and maximize performance, a growing number are investing in business intelligence (BI) solutions featuring comparative analytics to give them transparent, actionable reimbursement insights. These solutions help home health and hospice agencies identify business areas where improvements will offer the greatest ROI.

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