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As a Home Health & Hospice provider, you're used to rapidly changing billing rules and regulations. Our Resource Center helps you stay on top of industry changes, offering valuable revenue cycle management tips for quick and accurate payment.

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Home Health & Hospice Agencies Gain Leverage with Reimbursement Insights

Processing times, denial rates, cash flow and alternative payment models – all just a few of the many business challenges home health and hospice agencies face. As agencies identify areas in which to focus their efforts and maximize performance, a growing number are investing in business intelligence (BI) solutions featuring comparative analytics to give them transparent, actionable reimbursement insights. These solutions help home health and hospice agencies identify business areas where improvements will offer the greatest ROI.

Using Social Media to Improve Your Home Health Agency

With 70 percent of the U.S. population having at least one social media account, you can bet social media is an effective tool to promote a home health agency. eSolutions has a few tips for social media beginners and advanced users alike that may help you boost your online presence and attract home health agency clients.

Webinar: Why You Should Be Paying Attention to Comparative Analytics

If you're like most home health and hospice providers, you're concerned with many challenges that impact your bottom line. Processing times, denial rates, cash flow, alternative payment models, and regulations are all things keeping you up at night. In our latest webinar, learn how using comparative analytics helps you identify areas of your business in which improvements will offer the greatest ROI.

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