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Revenue Cycle Basics:

Eligibility Best Practices Webinar


Watch our free webinar covering eligibility best practices!

In this webinar, eSolutions' Senior Revenue Cycle Analyst, Michelle Frederick, will share tried and true pointers for best practices in eligibility verification. Michelle will outline why eligibility verification is an integral part of your revenue cycle and the steps you can take to improve your process.

  1. Understand why eligibility verification is vital to the revenue cycle.
  2. Are you getting the first step in the process right?
  3. Take a fresh look at eligibility best practices.
  4. Are you doing everything you can to ensure accuracy?
  5. Dominate your data.
  6. Are you aware of the common terms and how different payers handle reimbursement?
  7. Learn how eSolutions can simplify your eligibility verification.
  8. See the unique eligibility solutions we offer and how they're changing the way people verify.

This webinar is a part of a year-long series from our Revenue Cycle Group. Check our homepage periodically for new webinars.

I'd like to improve my eligibility process