New Webinar: Using Claim Statusing to improve your revenue cycle

Check out our upcoming webinar about claim statusing and its effect on your bottom line.

In our newest webinar, eSolutions’ Senior Revenue Cycle Analyst, Michelle Frederick, will discuss how to leverage claim status data to improve the health of your revenue cycle and reduce A/R days. Michelle will outline why ongoing analysis and resolution of the issues preventing your claims from paying quickly is critical to your organization’s bottom line. She’ll also demonstrate why eSolutions’ MedicareSAM claim statusing service is the gold standard in Medicare claim reporting and your best ally in Medicare billing improvement.

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We’ve set up a new one-stop resource library for all your information needs! To learn more about revenue cycle management (and how to get paid faster), take a look at our helpful ebooks and webinars!

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Update on CMS Recovery Audit Program and RAC Audits

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eSolutions is pleased to present Brian Elza, Director of the Division of Recovery Audit Operations (Provider Compliance Group/Office of Financial Management) at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).  Mr. Elza will discuss the recent developments in the Recovery Audit Program. Join us on Wednesday, March 25 at 1 PM CST for this informative and interactive presentation.

Introduction to esMD

Check out our introduction to esMD webinar with Joyce Davis from the CMS Office of Financial Management. She's the Health Insurance Specialist and business owner of esMD at CMS in the Provider Compliance Group. She's joined by our resident esMD guru, Greg Beech.

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