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Eliminating Expenses in Your Home Health Agency


Running a Home Health agency is not cheap. Fortunately, there are ways to cut costs without having to do anything drastic. In this video, we go over three steps you can take to eliminate expenses while becoming more efficient at the same time.

Optimizing Cash Flow with KX Modifiers

If a provider uses KX Modifiers incorrectly when documenting that a patient's initial therapy cap has been exceeded, it's understandable how Medicare claim line items may cause some real headaches for SNF billing departments.  

In this video, eSolutions' Alicia Wilson explains how SNF billing teams can use KX Modifiers correctly to speed up cash flow, avoid potential delays in A/R and and quickly fix line item denials. 

For more tips to help streamline your billing department, check out our SNF Resource Center

Solving Common Problems in Your Billing Department

Every billing department struggles at some point with circumstances that don't always have cut and dry answers. As billers, it's easy to get caught up in typical day-to-day tasks and lose sight of issues that counteract work productivity, and in turn, negatively affect your revenue cycle. 

In this video, eSolutions’ Caleb Watkins defines the most common problems that may occur within your billing department. He'll give you tips to quickly correct issues so you experience increased workflow efficiency, lower business costs,  a revenue cycle that's in tip-top shape.

Benchmarking Your Medicare Data Video

Comparing your data is important whether it's your own numbers month over month, or versus national averages. Benchmark reporting gives you the opportunity to find areas where you can become more profitable and improve the health of your business. eSolutions' Lee VanMeter explains the benefits of benchmarking and how comparing yourself to national best billing practices helps you make informed decisions for success.

On a Scale of 1-10, How Are You Feeling?

Are you knee deep in audit responses, processing denied claims, or manually uploading to CMS? Tired of keeping up with changing healthcare regulations? We get it!

In the healthcare business, you know what you do ultimately helps other people feel better. But what about YOU? Check out our new eSolutions video to learn just how our custom analytics and workflow products help you feel less pain and more gain.

Improving Intake Procedures

Employing effective intake procedures that include comprehensive patient eligibility verification lays the foundation for your entire reimbursement process. Inaccurate eligibility information results in rejected claims, delayed cash flow and workflow disruption. eSolutions' Tyler Wells explains intake procedure challenges and how checking eligibility in real time will reduce rejected claims. 

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Using Enhanced Eligibility Verification to Identify Medicare Coverage

Reverifying patients' Medicare coverage plays a very important part in keeping your cash flow healthy. Doing this manually can take up a lot of time and resources, but if providers skip or put off this step they run the risk of billing claims incorrectly. This video quickly reviews the issues with reverifying Medicare coverage, the negative impacts the manual process has on healthcare facilities, and what eSolutions can do to help make eligibility verification faster and easier.

Using CASPER Reports to Improve Your Business

CASPER Reports hold useful information providers can leverage to improve their Five-Star Rating and Quality Measures. Unfortunately, obtaining these reports can take a long time and tie up resources. In this video, our compliance expert reviews the benefits of frequently checking CASPER Reports, the pain points of pulling the reports, and how eSolutions automates the report retrieval and delivery process.

How to Prepare for Pre-Claim Review

UPDATE (4/3/17): Pre-Claim Review has been paused in Illinois and delayed in the remaining states until further notice.

For providers who have yet to experience the Pre-Claim Review process, education and preparation are more crucial than ever. It's wise to ensure your staff and revenue cycle practices are fully equipped to handle any possible cash flow delay or drain on resources. Check out this short video outlining the most common Pre-Claim Review challenges and how eSolutions can assist in keeping your revenue cycle in the best shape possible.

Notice of Election Video

Hospice providers only have a limited time to submit notices of election to Medicare to get their claims paid. This video highlights common issues with processing notices of election and how eSolutions is helping providers streamline their submission process.