ClaimRemedi September Newsletter


We've Moved!

ClaimRemedi has moved to our new offices at 2235 Mercury Way Santa Rosa, CA 95407. This new location features more conference rooms and offices and a streamlined layout that supports a more collaborative environment for our employees.

New Field in MedicareACE

New Service Facility NPI Field for MedicareACE

eSolutions is pleased to announce full support for the Service Facility NPI field on the CMS UB-04 form. A new Serv Fac NPI field has been added to the MedicareACE UB-04 form. This will enable hospice providers to bill and edit claims as required by CMS Change Request 8358.

As per CR8358, for claims with DOS (Date of Service)of 4/1/14 and forward, hospice providers are required to report the Service Facility NPI for services provided in a location other than their own facility. If you use MedicareACE DDE to upload your 837I EDI claim files (with Segment/Loop 2310E populated with the NPI), this field will now populate correctly in FISS/DDE.