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Infographic | Top 6 Home Health Denial Reasons Based on Medical Review

Accuracy and oversight matter in home health billing. Agencies must be on top of their business practices to avoid denials. This includes managing detailed documentation procedures and the most accurate billing processes possible. Knowing the top reasons home health agencies receive denials based on medical review and how to avoid them will keep your agency on top of its reimbursement game. Check out our infographic to learn more.

Infographic | 9 Common Obstacles to Reimbursement

Whether you're a home health agency, hospice, or both, you're used to jumping through hoops to get paid. If you feel like it's a constant struggle to keep up, it's likely your organization is leaving money on the table. eSolutions is here to help your business not only keep up, but thrive. We've identified nine common obstacles to home health and hospice provider reimbursement. Addressing these obstacles will go a long way toward collecting all the money that's rightfully yours.

Shoot Inaccuracies Down with eSolutions OASIS Analysis

Wyatt Earp famously said, “Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything.” This adage rings true in home health billing, which sometimes feels like the wild, wild west. In running an effective agency, you may tend to focus on speed. How fast can you submit a RAP? How long will it take Medicare to pay you?  How quickly can doctors sign orders? How fast can you find a temp nurse to cover a shift?

Solving the Biggest RAP Billing Issues

Home health agencies face more billing complexities than any other provider type. Agencies must ensure numerous tasks happen smoothly and precisely between the beginning of an episode to the submission of a Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) through submitting a final claim. With heavy regulation, uncertainties and industry scrutiny, agencies are juggling many rules and extra steps to get paid.

Harnessing CASPER Data to Improve Performance

Are you feeling overwhelmed with Certification and Survey Provider Enhanced Reporting (CASPER)? The sheer amount of complex data and varying reports can make the CASPER platform seem like a steep mountain to climb. Many providers simply lack the ability to effectively use the data CASPER offers for quality and process improvement on a consistent basis.