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Review Choice Demonstration Product Launch Announcement

As CMS is expected to soon release a start date for Review Choice Demonstration for home health providers in Illinois, we're excited to announce the launch of our latest product. Our RCD product is an update to the Pre-Claim Review product from 2016 and is designed to assist home health agencies who choose pre-claim review to affirm their claims.

Home Care and Hospice Month: What Are You Thankful For?

Home Care and Hospice Month is here! One way we're celebrating is by asking our wonderful home health and hospice clients why they're thankful to be in the industry.

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q3 2018


The Return of Pre-Claim Review - What We Know

**Update - December 12, 2018: RCD did not launch in Illinois on December 10th. Providers are still waiting for CMS to open the RCD portal so they can make their choice between pre-claim review, post-payment review, or a limited review with a 25% payment reduction. 

In 2016, CMS began rolling out a pilot program to enforce a more proactive oversight strategy on Medicare home health claims in an effort to reduce fraud and waste. The ultimate goal was to reduce improper payments and the cost of additional documentation and resources it takes for CMS to chase them. This "Pre-Claim Review" demonstration subjected home health agencies to additional billing scrutiny and red tape. 

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q2 2018


eSolutions Continues to Improve Products and Grow Offerings

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q1 2018

eSolutions is Making the MBI Transition Easier

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier: What Providers Need To Know

Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) has the attention of the entire healthcare industry. That's because Medicare is in the midst of launching a dramatic change. This spring, all Medicare beneficiaries will transition to a new Medicare identification system. Find out why that's a big deal in our latest white paper. 

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q4 2017

This year’s theme has undoubtedly been evolution. More than any year in our company’s history, 2017 was a year of strategic change and improvement to our products and services. With the acquisition of RemitDATA, customers now have an additional tool in the business intelligence toolbox to compare real-time, peer-to-peer data, helping to improve key operational and financial measures.

The eSolutions Newsletter | Q3 2017

eSolutions Acquires RemitDATA

On August 11, eSolutions announced the acquisition of RemitDATA, a pioneer of comparative analytics technology bringing 360-degree data transparency to the healthcare industry.

What does this mean for you? eSolutions can offer even more sophisticated, powerful business intelligence tools to all types of providers. RemitDATA's signature product, TITAN, is a web-based comparative analytics solution that offers automated, actionable insights based on real-time data.

June 2017 Newsletter

User Interface Updates

Since our beginnings, eSolutions has been a market leader, delivering superior web-based technology to serve many types of providers. We are continuously evolving to innovatively develop, deliver and improve products to meet your needs.

Our Product Development team is in the midst of an extensive initiative to update eSolutions legacy products with a new User Interface (UI) and higher quality user experience. This means our products are not only getting a new look and feel, but you'll see improved functionality that helps you work smarter and faster.