eSolutions October Newsletter

eSolutions October Newsletter


Product Updates


Maven Follow-Ups

The follow-up feature on the Home tab in Maven has been enhanced to allow advanced filtering. When you mark an appeal or ADR for follow-up, the claim displays in the Claims marked for follow-up section of the Home tab. You can now use the My Groups drop-down to view all follow-ups, or filter by group (based on your permissions).

eSolutions September Newsletter

Worried about Pre-Claim Review? We've got you covered.

If you’re a home health provider in Illinois, Florida, Texas, Michigan or Massachusetts, it’s likely that the CMS pre-claim review demonstration has been one of your chief concerns. In case you’ve missed out on our recent pre-claim review webinar series, we want to assure you that we’re committed to making these changes as painless as possible for you.

eSolutions Newsletter: April 2016

Check Out Our New Multi-Payer Solutions

As you may know, eSolutions recently acquired ClaimRemedi. Based out of Santa Rosa, California, ClaimRemedi is a provider of billing systems and clearinghouse services. You already know about the many ways eSolutions can help with your Medicare billing, so here’s a rundown of everything we now have to help you with your other payers.

By Far the Quickest Way to Submit Notices of Election

As a hospice provider, you know that one of the greatest obstacles to getting your claims paid is the requirements for submitting Notices of Election (NOEs). Hand-keying NOEs into the Medicare system is horribly inefficient. And if your NOEs aren’t submitted within five days of the date of service, your claims will be rejected. The filing requirements alone can prevent you from getting paid.

We want to make slowdowns a thing of the past.


This is the year you're getting your revenue cycle management into shape!

2015 is finally here, but there’s a good chance you’re still finishing up some of last year’s billing. That’s okay, however as you gear up to plan for 2015, it might be time to reevaluate some of those resolutions. For years now you’ve been saying that THIS was going to be the year you finally got your billing house in order. Unfortunately, with healthcare billing, your aspirations to get ahead are often replaced with the need to simply keep up.

HOSPICE PROVIDERS: Notice of Election Submission is inconvenient, but it doesn't have to be.

Just because you’re used to something doesn’t mean you have to like it.  Now that Notice of Election (NOE) has to be submitted within five calendar days of admission date, you’ve probably had to make some changes to how you bill. There’s no getting around it. If your NOE is submitted and accepted by CGS outside of the five-day window, it’s no longer considered timely.

In case you were unaware of what this means, if an NOE isn’t timely-filed, Medicare will not pay for the days of hospice care from the hospice admission date to the date the NOE is accepted by the Medicare contractor. These days will be your liability, and you won’t be able to bill the beneficiary for them.

New Field in MedicareACE

New Service Facility NPI Field for MedicareACE

eSolutions is pleased to announce full support for the Service Facility NPI field on the CMS UB-04 form. A new Serv Fac NPI field has been added to the MedicareACE UB-04 form. This will enable hospice providers to bill and edit claims as required by CMS Change Request 8358.

As per CR8358, for claims with DOS (Date of Service)of 4/1/14 and forward, hospice providers are required to report the Service Facility NPI for services provided in a location other than their own facility. If you use MedicareACE DDE to upload your 837I EDI claim files (with Segment/Loop 2310E populated with the NPI), this field will now populate correctly in FISS/DDE.