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A Hospital's Guide to Navigating Medicare Billing & Claims

The Medicare claims process is not for the faint of heart and can be frustrating even for the most seasoned hospital biller. Billing Medicare is one of the most complicated yet critical tasks in hospital revenue cycle management. The process is distinctly different from billing commercial payers, with Medicare-specific requirements and systems.

Don’t Let Medical Necessity Denials Ding Your Bottom Line

Payer denials, write-offs and claim rework can really hit a healthcare organization where it hurts the most – right in its bottom line.

Medical necessity is among the top-five reasons medical claims get denied, and those denials cost providers millions each year. In fact, medical necessity denials accounted for nearly 3 percent of all denials recorded in eSolutions’ TITAN performance insights tool, resulting in more than $8.9 billion in denied billed revenue since TITAN launched in 2011.

Review Choice Demonstration Product Launch Announcement

As CMS is expected to soon release a start date for Review Choice Demonstration for home health providers in Illinois, we're excited to announce the launch of our latest product. Our RCD product is an update to the Pre-Claim Review product from 2016 and is designed to assist home health agencies who choose pre-claim review to affirm their claims.

Getting Ready for Review Choice Demonstration | eBook

Review Choice Demonstration is scheduled to begin December 10th in Illinois. Is your agency ready?

Healthcare Comparative Analytics and BI Solutions: What's the Difference?

Processing times, denial rates, cash flow and alternative payment models – all just a few of the many business challenges healthcare organizations face. As providers identify areas in which to focus their efforts and maximize performance, a growing number are investing in business intelligence (BI) solutions featuring comparative analytics. These solutions help organizations identify areas of the business in which improvements will offer the greatest ROI.

Jump into Medicare Billing: A Guide for New SNFs

For those Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) new to billing Medicare, making heads or tails out of where to put your focus and resources might feel overwhelming.

Missing or Incorrect Claim Information Takes the Trophy

Now that Villanova has been crowned the NCAA men's basketball champion and Notre Dame the NCAA women's basketball champion, it's time to name ours!

You guessed it! Your votes named Missing or Incorrect Claim Information the most prevalent and disruptive medical billing error. In order to help lessen the stress of some of your most common medical billing errors, we've listed your Final Four and how eSolutions can help your organization overcome these errors.

Medical Billing Errors Championship 

We're down to the final two most annoying medical billing errors as voted by you! Don't miss your chance to vote now for which error you think should be crowned the champion. Stay tuned when we reveal the winner  tomorrow! 

Final Four Medical Billing Errors

The March Madness votes are in and we're down to the Final Four Medical Billing Errors. Fill out the poll below to let us know which of these four you think should advance to the final round!  

Battling Medicare Secondary Payer Claims

Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) is the term used when Medicare is not the primary paying party. Heartache swirls around MSP claims for a variety of reasons, mainly because these claims are complex, need manual work and take the time from your busy billing team that it doesn't have.