Improving Your Nursing Home Star Rating Infographic Series - Part 3

Earlier this year CMS added new quality measures to determine a nursing home's 5-star rating on the Nursing Home Compare section of These new measures are based on Medicare claims data and the minimum data set (MDS), and include statistics such as rehospitilization rate and emergency room use.

Now Is the Time to Review Your QAO Reports

The October 31st Annual Performance Report is coming up fast. Have you checked your Quality Assessment Only (QAO) Interim Reports to make sure you’re compliant?

Getting Your CASPER Reports Shouldn't Be Scary!


We're sure you can agree, the information found in CASPER reports is very valuable and reviewing it frequently is what separates great facilities from everyone else!

But, if you’re like most providers, you’re probably only reviewing your CASPER Reports on a quarterly basis (at best). Between tying up your computer and long download queues, it’s a frustrating and time consuming effort.

We get it. It’s scary how bad the current process is. To help you avoid these annoyances and save you time, eSolutions now automates this process. We’re able to pull monthly, quarterly and annual CASPER reports to make sure you’re always prepared for any audits of your facility.

By getting your reports on a monthly basis, you’ll be able to quickly identify problem areas and take steps to correct them to improve your scores. Not only will this help you better monitor your quality of care, but you’ll be able to make sure you’re outperforming other facilities across the nation.

Blog Newsletter | June 2015

The true cost of an audit response tool

When it comes to picking an audit response tool, you have a lot of options. With so much at stake, it can be difficult to make sure you’re picking the right one. Sure, you can save some money up front with a budget tracking system, but if you aren’t accounting for the investment of your time, you haven’t fully calculated the cost.